The Abominable Snowman is here!

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“Crypto Legends”: The Abominable Snowman
The Abominable Snowman
​ Available now is the second entry in the “Crypto Legends” model kit series: The Abominable Snowman or “Yeti”. Click here or on an above photo to see more images. This is a 5 piece all resin model kit depicting the world famous hairy wild-man of the Himalayas casually walking over a snow covered rocky outcropping somewhere up the frozen slopes and somewhere between the forested high valleys. A footprint in the snow will mark his passing and partially obscured by a low drift is a string of Tibetan prayer beads lying frozen upon the stone. Perhaps these were intentionally left behind by a passing traveler or unconsciously dropped by a fleeing one. Once again as with the previous Loch Ness Monster release, the sub-base for the Snowman is decorated on three sides with various names by which this creature is known throughout the regions of Nepal, Tibet and other villages along the mountainous wilderness. I have added several photos of the painted sample to provide an idea for color scheme based on those documented by eyewitness accounts. Note: The top photo shows a painted sample while the bottom photo is of the actual sculpture prior to molding and casting.

​In the dream worlds of fantasy there are wonders unlike any existing in the real world. Beautiful landscapes bursting with color and texture beckon us on with the promise of fantastic and exciting adventures. Here are new horizons littered with forests, mountains, valleys, fields, glimmering lakes and seas. There are fabulous castles, humble villages and enticing harbor towns populated by unusual races of people and animals large and small and even more extraordinary. An idyllic dream come true. But all is not as it seems…for there is a darker realm existing here. One pulsing with hidden dangers and rampant savagery. Evil, pure and unbridled dwells here also. Perhaps not immediately apparent but be warned…the danger is real and Monsters are everywhere! Coming in 2014, the monsters will arrive at Moondevil Studio. There will be Dragons of every shape and size, inhabiting the land, the water and the skies. The Demons will burst forth from the darkened bowels of the earth and beyond. And the untamed Beasts of nightmares will reveal themselves, dashing away any sense of safety one might cling to. The Monsters are coming!!! I have always been captivated by monsters; fantastic things of the imagination that truly bring fantasy to life. Creating these creatures has been a cherished passion for as long as I can recall so after much preparation I now plan to unleash an ongoing stream of original sculptures based on every “ghoulie, ghostie and long-legged beastie” thats been waiting in my mind to secure a 3-dimensional form. Most of these creations will be grouped into categories; Dragons, Demons, Monstrous Beasts and so on, each as an independent series. Scale will be determined depending on the application of the figure. If for RPG (role play gaming) use, the figures will be scaled to popular 28mm-35mm size in order to work within that universe. If for GK (garage kit) use, the figure will find it’s own scale based on what “feels right” for it’s audience. Please stop by as the new year progresses for updates and to get a glimpse of the unusual.

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