Independent Productions 1985-Present

Sculptures based on my own designs including busts and full figure presentations in several scales. Most of these prototypes were designed to be mold ready for production in various mediums such as white metal and resin for the hobby market. Some have already been produced and offered to the hobbyist while others have yet to see production. In addition a few select “one-of-a-kind” efforts will be displayed. A wide range of Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Horror, Humor, Natural History and various other subjects will be included in this section.

Toys 1993-Present

Selected subjects showing a broad range of licensed characters produced for several well known American Toy companies.

Garage Kits 1988-Present

An overview of sculptural works produced for the newly born American “Garage Kit” Industry. Included here are both original concepts and those relating to characters from cinema and popular culture. Each image is listed with the production company for whom they were produced.
Included here are all new kits offered by Moondevil Studio.

Gift & Collectibles Sculptures Superior Models/ Perth Pewter: 1986 -1993

A selection of figurines, picture frames, oil lamps and jewery that were created for the pewter collectibles market. Most all of these fall into the fantasy realm. All are my original designs.

RPG (Role Playing Games) Miniatures Grenadier Models: 1982-1986

Some of my first commercial sculpting work. All characters are Fantasy, Science-Fiction and Horror related, working in a base scale of 25mm. Of the more than 400 sculptures produced during this period, the vast majority are my own original designs.
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