Hello everyone, I’m back!

As some of you may have noticed its been quite awhile since I’ve actively updated this website, about three years actually.

Many things have happened in these past few years that have altered my ability to divide my time sufficiently between creating new work, molding and casting it and promoting it for sale.

Though my absence here may have had visitors wondering whats become of me, I have not slowed down in the creation of new product one bit. In fact since last I was able to post here, I have created more than 60 new sculptures that in turn were molded, cast and offered as kits to modelers and collectors. Most of these were offered on my Facebook pages because, due to my situation, it was much easier and less time-consuming to do so compared to posting here on this website.

In addition I have attended several model kit shows in the last few years including WonderFest and Jerseyfest as a vendor promoting my Moondevil Studio model kit releases and last year I displayed a good portion of my pre-finished work at Illuxcon for the very first time. Most all of the product I’ve taken to these shows have yet to be seen here on this website but that is about to change.

As time allows I will gradually be adding much of my catalogue of the newer products to both the appropriate galleries and to my Store as well. I have a wide selection of both original designs and recognizable characters among the bulk of whats never been shown here so there should be something of interest to almost anyone who enjoys fantasy, movies, monsters and the realm of the fantastic.

The changes and new additions here will not happen overnight as I am still quite busy working on art commissions and, when possible, my own personal efforts that will become future Moondevil Studio products.

Mainly I’m posting this announcement now to let visitors to this page and followers of my creative works know that I’m still out here making art and that eventually dozens of new sculptures will be displayed throughout this site and my Store will be packed with all sorts of kits and collectables never shown here before.

Please visit here from time to time in the months ahead to see how things are developing as I’ll have lots of goodies to show.

Thank you for interest, your support and for stopping by!

Best wishes, John Dennett

This post is long overdue but I wanted to say first of all that I'm still here and still turning out lots of new artwork even though my updates have been delayed. Whats new? I'll just list a few things now and will follow up later with photos and ordering information. *Since my last post when I mentioned two of them, there are now 4 entries in the 1/2 scaled "Classic Movie Monsters" bust series with a brand new fifth entry in the sculpting stage. 1) "The Monster" ~ Frankenstein ~ 1931 2) "Count Orlok" ~ Nosferatu ~ 1922 3) "The Gillman" ~ Creature From the Black Lagoon ~ 1953 4) "Dr. Glendon" ~ Werewolf of London" ~ 1935 *A new series of miniature busts were begun in 2015 under the banner; "Imaginary Fiends". These are sculptures of original characters, creatures and monsters either from my sketch books or from some of my story ideas (more on that later). There are 20 various selections available now and I'll be posting photos of all of them shortly along with ordering information. *I also began a series of magnets based on the creatures from my story; "Banshee Island". Each of the available six mutations are unique looking individuals and come equipped with two magnets attached to them so they're ready to display on your refrigerator or any steel surface. *In addition to the above three series, I began a line of 4 Halloween ornaments in 2015 which were inspired by the vintage decorative novelties of the 1950's-70's. These too will have photos and ordering information posted shortly. *A couple other new series are also in the works which will premier this summer. I'm very excited to be able to offer these pieces as resin model kits as two of them will coincide with both a 25th anniversary and a 30th anniversary of their original namesake releases. I ask of my readers that you please be patient as the amount of new listings will take a bit of time to organize before posting but I believe they will all add to the collective experience of visiting the Moondevil Studio website. Thank you for visiting and Happy Summer Solstice 2016! 

UPDATES on new model kits coming shortly!

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​Its been awhile since last I posted here but I have been busy sculpting lots of new pieces which I’ve molded and begun casting in resin. There will be quite a few new resin model kits added to the STORE including the first two entries in the “Classic Movie Monsters” 1/2 scale bust series; The Monster from “Frankenstein” (1931) and Count Orlok from “Nosferatu” (1922) I have a new line of miniature busts based on character concepts from my sketchbook dating back to the 1980’s. There are five different entries in this line so far with more to follow. There is also a line of six original mutant designs which I will be offering as magnets under the title; “Banshee Island”. Another item is the first in a line of Holiday ornaments from my “One Creepy Christmas” series, Another new addition will be added to this series annually. Other surprises will be posted also so please come visit again for news and photos of everything I’ve been working on over the last several months! Thanks for stopping by!

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